Istanbul - PayExpo Awards 2015

SSLNAC virtual Network Access Controller for TLS/SSL payment transactions was shortlisted for Global Payments 2015 Awards in the Securing Payments category. PayExpo Istanbul Conference delivers an audience from across the entire payments ecosystem, including banking, finance, retail, government, transport, leisure and tourism, gaming, telecoms and technology providers from Turkey and around the world.

Paris - SESAMES Awards 2015

SSLNAC virtual Network Access Controller for TLS/SSL payment transactions is the finalist of the CARTES SESAMES 2015 Awards in the Connected Objects Applications category (IOT - internet of things, M2M – machine to machine, wearables, smart objects). The SESAMES Awards competition celebrating 20th anniversary is the unchallenged hallmark of excellence, rewards best innovations of the year in the field of digital security.

Berlin - MPE Awards 2014

After finals of the CARTES SESAMES awards IKI SITO IPPOS transaction monitoring system has achieved another success by entering the finals of the MPE awards in Berlin. IKI SITO IPPOS was chosen as a finalist in Data Information category. MPE award is awarded as a part of MPE conference in Berlin to companies that have achieved the biggest innovations and the best business results in the field of payment transactions.

Paris - SESAMES Awards 2013

IKI SITO IPPOS is selected as a finalist for the SESAMES Award 2013 in Paris, in the IT security category. Organized as a part of the CARTES trade show, the SESAMES Award recognizes the best technological innovations in categories related to smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions, and contactless technologies. The SESAMES Award dates since 1996 and it is considered the most important award in Europe for innovations in the sector of payment transactions, identification and mobility.