SSLNAC virtual Network Access Controller for TLS/SSL payment transactions is the finalist of the CARTES SESAMES 2015 Awards in the Connected Objects Applications category (IOT - internet of things, M2M – machine to machine, wearables, smart objects). The SESAMES Awards competition celebrating 20th anniversary is the unchallenged hallmark of excellence, rewards best innovations of the year in the field of digital security.

SSLNAC has been selected into finals of the SESAMES AWARDS in the Connected Objects Applications category after detailed examination of a large number of anonymous competing applications. The finalists have been selected by jury members assembled of recognized international experts in their categories.

SSLNAC virtual TLS/SSL Transaction Delivery Controller (or Network Access Controller - NAC) combines secured TLS/SSL termination and acceleration, TPDU NII transaction routing, service health checking, TCP multiplexing and TCP KeepAlive with detailed session logging, all in a single virtual appliance. SSLNAC is primarily intended for concentration and termination of IP POS terminals TLS transactions and web-shop payment transactions by replacing old NAC devices and legacy SSL accelerators, but it is also applicable to other similar generic TLS transactions e.g. TLS XML transactions.

SSLNAC is future proof solution based on the modern Linux open architecture virtual appliance with the newest tested versions of OpenSSL library with up-to-date ciphers and patches (although it also supports legacy SSL/TLS when needed). Due to such open architecture applying the newest ciphers and security patches is much more prompt than on legacy hardware NACs and SSL accelerators.