Established in 1991, privately held, IKI is dedicated to assist Carriers, Service providers and Enterprises in transition of legacy telecommunication networks and services to the next generation telecommunication infrastructure.

IKI started in 1991 as software development company for SCADA and real time monitoring applications for National and Regional Dispatching Centers in Electric Utilities.

Since 1994 IKI has extended activities into the field of telecommunications. From the early beginnings IKI has been constantly improving technical skills and company image and succeeded to establish IKI as respectable company capable of outsourcing Carriers, Service Providers and Enterprises in network, radio and frequency planning and consulting, installations, maintenance, technical support, training, network measurement, testing and monitoring and traffic management.

IKI is financially stable and profitable company with yearly revenues in the range of 1-2 million USD.

In August 2007 IKI moved into its own new spacious offices with training and measurement laboratory facilities in the most prestigious business zone of Croatian capital Zagreb.

Since beginning of 2011 IKI has restarted our development department. The result of two years development was SITO IP POS specialized monitoring system for point of sale terminal payment card transactions over IP networks (IP POS transactions).

SITO IP POS monitoring system continuously monitors all TLS/SSL encrypted POS payment transactions and gives relevant KPIs for quality of service from merchant point of view through security, availability and performance dashboards and reporting groups. Although SITO IP POS monitoring is primary aimed at POS terminals transaction operations, IT operations and security teams, planning departments and top management could also benefit from SITO IP POS lucid reports and dashboards with real-time and long term payment transaction service graphs and KPIs, per each merchant, shop, POS terminal or even per telecom operator.

SITO IP POS was Cartes, Paris, 2013 Sesames Awards Finalist in IT security category and MPE, Berlin, 2014 MPE Awards Finalist in Data Information category.

IKI keeps the rapid pace of technological innovation. In addition to SITO IP POS monitoring system continuous improvements, SSLNAC specialized, powerful, virtual network access controller appliance for Internet and IP POS TLS/SSL payment transactions was released at the beginning of 2015. SSLNAC combines necessary functions for IP POS and other generic TLS/SSL transaction acceleration and secure access, TPDU transaction routing, TCP multiplexing and TCP keep-alive, health checking, backup redirection and some transaction monitoring.

SSLNAC was Cartes, Paris, 2015 Sesames Awards Finalist in Connected Objects Applications category and shortlisted in IT Security category at Mobile Money & Global Payments 2015 in Istanbul.


IKI d.o.o • Rapska 42 • 10000 Zagreb • Hrvatska • Phone: +385 (1) 3665788 • Fax: +385 (1) 3667119

E-mail: prodajaCODEATiki.hr (please replace CODEAT with "@")

IKI is a company registered in Croatia with the registered number 080009853 and VAT number HR 84722743383

Croatia is EU member since July 1st, 2013