Established in 1991, privately held, IKI is dedicated to assist Carriers, Service providers, Financial institutions and Enterprises in transition of legacy communication networks and services to the newest generation of network infrastructure and applications.

Distribution and System Integration
  • IP/Web application acceleration and availability controllers (ADC), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) traffic monitoring and management, secure and controlled web access (SWG), Denial of Service protection (IPS/DDOS), security analysis and log management (SIEM, log management, file integrity)
  • Monitoring systems, test and measurement equipment, intelligent optical and copper taps with aggregation and filtering
  • Access systems over copper, optical and wireless infrastructure, flexible pseudowire access systems, Ethernet OAM access systems with full SLA monitoring
  • Legacy TDM systems, Cables (copper pair, coaxial and optical), connectors, DDFs and patch systems
  • Consulting, designing and supervision
  • Complex installation, maintenance, advanced technical support and specialized training
  • Network services and infrastructure monitoring, testing and troubleshooting
  • Network forensics and expert monitoring for IP network applications
Research and Development